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Located in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Metalnox began its activities in 1982. Its early business was the fabrication of rain gutters and customized parts for houses and companies in the city and region. Since the beginning, the company, being managed by the industrialist João Pereira, was already focused on innovation and an eye on the need for manufacturing new products as a way to increase its business. In 1986, after acquiring a small textile machine factory, Metalnox started the fabrication of stainless-steel dyeing machines. That was how the company’s name was created: The words “Metal” plus “inox”, which means stainless steel, were used to create the name “Metalnox”.

By following its expansion plans, the company has included new products to its portfolio. Metalnox started to manufacture thermal printing tables and dryerss. After 10 years of existence, the gutter factory was sold, and the company remained dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of printing machinery.

In 1994, the company went through a decisive moment, when the industrialist João Pereira visited for the first time a screen-printing trade fair in the United States and brought as novelties the thermal presses. As a result, Metalnox started to manufacture them, and since then, this has been the company’s leading product. Currently, this range consists of Heat presses, Dryerss, Calenders and folding machines.

In 2006, after time-consuming researches, Metalnox enlarged its business range as an effort to sell to the furniture and decoration market. In this new market, Metalnox started to manufacture aluminum handles. With a modern and high-quality range of handles, Metalnox is improving every day its position in the market and its production and sales on this kind of product.

In the year of 2007, as part of its efforts to diversify its product portfolio, Metalnox realized that the market was using conventional heat presses to perplaten applications on many other surfaces than merely fabrics. By taking this opportunity, the company releases its own range of customization inputs through the heat presses. Currently, the company offers more than 400 products aimed to the market of promotional and personal gifts. With the time, the photo-product business earned its own facilities in order to provide its customers with more logistic support, and is strongly present in the market of photography, customized products and promotional gifts. Currently, the Photo-product business occupies a leading position compared to its competitors, being the largest distributor of photo-products in Brazil. In addition, Metalnox also exports its products to the rest of the world.

In its efforts to always seek for novelties, Metalnox constantly shows at international trade fairs and exhibitions. The company has already showed at trade fairs in USA, Germany, México, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Spain and others.

In 2010, the “Metalnox Puxadores” (the handle division), has added many other items to its range of furniture hardware and accessories, making it able to offer a wider range of products and solutions to its customers. This change has caused its name to be changed to “Metalnox Ferragens” (Metalnox Hardware).

Following its expansion pace, Metalnox has created two distribution branches for logistic support, one in Fortaleza – CE and the other one in Serra – ES. The creation of the distribution center in the Northeast helped Metalnox to extend its operations and to become able to sell flat glasses for the civil construction market, whereby the company “JJI Vidros” has been founded.

In the year of 2014, Metalnox Digital has been founded, which is dedicated to the manufacture of digital printers for large platenats and also direct-to-garment printers. Metalnox Digital is aimed to supply the textile business with latest technology and high quality equipment always faithful to its slogan:

"Growth doesn't mean evolution, it's just about getting bigger. Evolution means improvement."

We exist in Brazil since 1982, manufacturing with know-how technologies and innovating solutions for the textiles industry and the photo-product manufacture. In addition, we distribute hardware and accessories for the furniture industry, and we a business unit entirely focused on the distribution of glass.

We have adopted a leadership attitude with professionalism and excellence in all markets we are selling,
which helped us to become the largest manufacturer of textile customization machines in Brazil and a
reference of quality, durability and cost saving. Furthermore, we sell to more than 30 countries around the globe, namely business partners and distributors in Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, thus taking to the world the potential, dedication and quality of the Brazilian work.

Unit 1 - Headquarters

Unit responsible for the production of machinery and equipment for the textile industry and digital printers. It is also responsible for storage and distribution of photo products.

Unit 2 – Furniture and Hardware

Unit 2 is responsible for the storage and distribution line of hardware and accessories for the furniture sector. The Metalnox Hardware has an integrated and balanced management, practice values ​​that become even more transparency and seriousness as the business is growing.

Unit 3 - Northeast Business Unit

Unit 3 is responsible for distributing blades of flat glass and mirrors to the north and northeast regions of Brazil, serving the construction market of these regions. It is also responsible for logistical support and distribution of other Group companies, also moving closer to its customers

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